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Casey Jaynes
“I enrolled in the Whitley County Adult Education because I wanted to further my education by getting my G.E.D. and then enrolling into a Post-Secondary or college to prepare for a career.”
  Chris Gibson is working on an assignment in the Corbin Whitley County Adult Education computer lab. 
  “I started G.E.D. classes to better myself,” said Chris Gibson. “I mean, really, you can’t get a good job without an education.  I want to go on to better things.  Without a G.E.D. or high school education it won’t happen.”
  Why does Michael Nason attend classes at Whitley County Adult Education?
  “I am attending the adult education program in Corbin to get a good job and go to college so I can support my family.” said Michael Nason.   
  He wants to stress to his son they both need to complete their education.  He said that once he receives his G.E.D. his son will be able to look up at him and see how important it is to stay in school and get your education.
Carolyn Elliott attends Whitley County Adult Education classes so she can get her G.E.D. and do better in life.
“The reason why I’m here is to get my G.E.D.” said Kayla Godsey.  “I want to go to college to be able to get a good job.”
  Amy Elliott is attending the Whitley County Adult Education program at our Corbin Center.  She is working hard to prove to herself and others that she can complete her G.E.D.  Amy is back on target after dropping out of high school.  She is working hard to become more self-confident, improve her life, and get a good job.  
  When asked why she is attending G.E.D. classes, she responded, “The main reason is so that I could have something to do with my life, and make somebody out of me.  I’m working very hard to get it done.”

  Amy realizes that she needs her G.E.D. to obtain her goals and plans to do something positive with her life.  Amy is focused and right on target to reach her goals.

“It’s important to get your G.E.D. because I can get a good job.  I can also help my kids on their homework.  I can also feel better about myself.” said Kandi Bertrand.

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