Pricing Information


Meal Prices


Breakfast & Lunch:

      Students - Free (at their enrolled school)


Breakfast:  1.50

Lunch:  $3.00


A La Carte Prices


$.50   Milk 1/2 Pint

$.40   Juice 1/2 Cup

$.50   Meat Items/Alternates - 1 oz  

$.50   Bread Items/Alternates - 1 oz

            Except Toast - $.25 a Slice

$.75   Combination Items (2brd, mt/1brd)

            Brk Pizza, Pancake on Stick

            Bisc/Meat, Poptart, etc.  

$.50   Other Items (Fruit, Gravy, etc.)



$.50   Milk 1/2 Pint

$1.25 Main Menu Item - 2 Components

           (Pizza, Hamburger, Hotdog)

$.75   Main Menu Item - 1 Component

           (Chicken Nuggets Fish Sticks, Ham)

$.50   Vegetables/Fruits  1/2 cup

$.75   French Fries 1/2 cup 

$.25   Bread, Roll, Cornbread 

$.50   Tortilla Rounds, Chips

$.50   Other Items 

$1.00 Water 20 oz  

$1.00 Diet Tea 16.9 oz    

$.50   Fruit Slush 1/2 cup

Free Student Meals.

Every Student.  Every School Day.

The Whitley County Board of Education will be participating in the United State Department of Agriculture’s Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) during the 2014-2015 school year.

The CEP option allows the school district to provide a free breakfast and lunch to all students, regardless of economic status.  All students will receive two free, nutritious meals each school day.

In order to extend this program beyond the 2014-2015 school year, we need our parents participation in the program.

Parent/Guardian Support

Parents must continue to complete household and income forms as they have in the past for the school food service program.  The forms are to be filled out exactly as if the household was applying for free or reduced lunch.

Parents may also be contacted by their child’s principal or Family Resource/Youth Service coordinator to obtain additional data needed by the district as we participate in this pilot program.

The participation of our parents and guardians is essential for the district’s participation in this program beyond the 2014-2015 school year.

Many grants and other sources of funding for instructional resources depend on the data collected from the household income forms that have been used to determine free and reduced lunch eligibility.

Please complete and return the household income form in a timely manner so the district can begin data collection.

If you have questions about the Whitley County Schools food service program, please contact

Sharon Foley at (606) 549-7000, Ext. 2031 or the cafeteria manager at your child’s school. 

You may also visit our web site for menus and nutrition information at